Management Team


Aaron Stevens, Owner & General Manager

Amanda Seals

Amanda Seals, Gym Manager (East Village)

Claire J

Claire Creason, Gym Manager (Grimes)


Matthew Creason, Head Climbing Coach


Connor Westlake, Director of Routesetting


Logan Dirksen, Assistant Manager

Grimes Staff


Claire Sevenich, Rec Team Assistant Coach and Supervisor


Jay Merrill, Supervisor

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Michael Cuesta, Supervisor


Aaron Oneill

Aaron O’neill, Instructor

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Ali Stanley, Instructor

Grimes Carmen Fritz Instructor Sm

Carmen Fritz, Instructor

Untitled 1

Gabe Kraft, Instructor

Untitled 1

Grant Allen, Instructor

Untitled 1

Isabella Graham, Instructor

Josh ingham

Josh Ingham, Instructor and Coach

Untitled 1

Kellen Miller, Instructor

Larry Goodwin

Larry Goodwin, Instructor

Untitled 1

Lydia Venter, Instructor and Coach


Lilli Smith, Instructor


Luke Rothmeyer, Instructor

Untitled 1

Nolan Coyle, Instructor

Paul Hubbard Instructor Grimes

Paul Hubbard, Instructor

Untitled 1

Rylee Hayes, Instructor

Sage Halfhill Boone

Sage Halfhill-Boone, Instructor

Untitled 1

Steven Meyer, Instructor

Untitled 1

Will Anderson, Instructor

Untitled 1

Xander Fidler, Instructor

East Village Staff

Untitled 1

Halen Becker, Supervisor

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Caitlin Dorsett, Supervisor

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Weston Hennings, Supervisor

Reagan 2

Reagan Lehman, Supervisor

Rebecca Stephens, Supervisor

Rebecca Stephens, Supervisor

Untitled 1

Lincoln Claussen, Instructor

Untitled 1

Katie Erickson, Instructor

East Village Marielle

Marielle Gaiser Gonzalez, Instructor

Untitled 1

Garth Gripenberg, Instructor

Untitled 1

Drew Jaspers, Instructor

East Village Erina Lee Instuctor Sm

Erina Lee, Instructor

East Village Pierre Milot Instructor Sm

Pierre Milot, Instructor

East Village Mia Randazzo Instructor Sm

Mia Randazzo, Instructor

Untitled 1

Henry Romain, Instructor

East Village Katie Walther

Katie Walther, Instructor

Liz Zhou Instructor 2 Sm

Liz Zhou, Instructor

East Village Yoga Calvin Johannsen Sm

Calvin Johannsen, Yoga Instructor


Alexandra Stickels, Coach

James Browning

James Browning, Coach

Jared Kucera

Jared Kucera, Coach


Lydia Venter, Coach

Shea Morgan

Shea Morgan, Coach