Who can climb?

Anyone can climb. We cater to people of all ability levels and since we are in Central Iowa, we see quite a few brand-new climbers.

Please remember, everyone entering the facility must complete an up-to-date Climb Iowa Visitors Agreement. If you are under the age of 18, the Visitors Agreement must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian appointed by the courts. NO EXCEPTIONS

What should I bring?

We suggest loose fitting clothing that allows you freedom of movement, something you would wear to workout.


Youth Climbers

Are there limitations for youth climbers?

Youth that are 13 and above can go through our orientation on their own. For those adventurers 12 and under, they can climb, but they require an adult that has been through the orientation.

Parents are asked to actively supervise their children as a climbing gym presents certain risks.

Can I just drop my kids off? 

If your children are 12 or younger, they must be actively supervised by an adult. We have different youth class offerings, including teams and camps where our staff will supervise the climbers.



What is belaying?

This is the act of managing the rope for the individual climbing. We offer a Belay Class for those age 13 and above.

What are auto belays?

Auto belays are mechanical devices that manage the line while the climber is ascending the wall. We have two different types of auto belays, but they both work in the same manner. The slack in the line is taken out as the climber ascends. When the climber is ready to come down, the system will lower them to the ground at a controlled speed.

Provided you meet the weight requirements (25-310lbs), anyone can climb on auto belays, but you must be 13 years old or above to hook yourself in.


New Visitors

Do you provide instruction for new climbers?

Every new visitor 13 years old and above are required to go through an orientation. During this orientation, we will instruct you on the procedures of Climb Iowa. Upon completion of the orientation you will be able to participate in the types of climbing that are appropriate to your skill level.