To our community,

Climb Iowa takes the health and well-being of our customers very seriously. As the World Health Organization classifies the Coronavirus as a pandemic, we would like to share what precautionary measures Climb Iowa is taking to help prevent the spread of viruses:

• We take pride in how clean we keep our facilities, and our staff will be even more vigilant throughout the day with cleaning high traffic areas/surfaces.

• Staff with flu-like symptoms, or staff who have come in contact with someone with Coronavirus will not be working in the gym.

• We will be posting signs around our facilities to remind everyone to wash their hands often.

• There will be hand sanitizer in each facility for your use.

Our staff can only do so much, so we are asking a few things of our customers:
• If you are sick, please stay home. The gym will be here when you feel better.

• If you have come in contact with someone with Coronavirus, we also ask that you stay home.

• Please wash your hands before AND after you climb. Do this often.

• Please wipe down fitness equipment after using. We have disinfectant in these areas for you to utilize.

We sincerely appreciate your extra effort to help us prevent the spread of viruses around Climb Iowa.

Happy climbing!

Aaron Stevens Climb Iowa General Manager/Co-Owner