To the Climb Iowa community:

The Climb Iowa owners, managers and staff have been incredibly proud of our new East Village location, but most importantly, we have enjoyed watching the response from the Des Moines climbing community.

As you might have noticed, the finish on the climbing wall is not what we were expecting nor was our wall builder. There was an issue with how the paint adhered to the texture on the wall. Because of this, we will repaint the main climbing surface during the month of October. Both the wall builder and Climb Iowa’s owners have talked through the options and this needs to be done to give you the product you have come to expect from Climb Iowa.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause, but we will not close the facility for this work. The process to repaint will be performed in two sections, so half the climbing wall will always be open for climbing. The fitness area and Tension board will be open the entire time the repainting is taking place. Furthermore, the painting crew will work overnight which should assist in the disruption to our members and guests.

To fully cure, the paint will need to dry for 2-weeks before we can set boulders again. We will adjust our setting schedule at each location to limit the time we are without boulders in the East Village. We appreciate your understanding through this process. Below is the intended schedule.

–Climb Iowa Owners, Managers and Staff

East Village Painting Schedule

Main Climbing Area Section #1 Main Climbing Area Section #2 Tension Board Fitness Area
September 30 – October 1 Painting overnight Open Open Open
October 2 – October 15 Drying Open Open Open
October 16 – October 17 Route Setting Open Open Open
October 18 – October 20 Open Open Open Open
October 21 – October 22 Open Painting overnight Open Open
October 23 – November 6 Open Drying Open Open
November 7 – November 8 Open Route Setting Open Open