Have you ever grabbed a hold that felt horrible, brushed it, and it still felt horrible? Of course!

Well here’s the deal. Sometimes you slip off of a hold because there is too much chalk on the hold. This happens when people have to “over-chalk” because they’re not using higher quality/performance chalk that allows less chalk to stay on their hands longer. So instead they have to put on a ton of chalk. In this case, a simple brushing is all you need!

However, sometimes even after a thorough brushing the hold feels slick. This occurs from unchalked hands touching the hold and making it feel slick, so the opposite of the first example. Here is the fix:

Either take a small chunk of chalk or dip your brush in the chalk. Then brush the chalk onto the hold where you will be grabbing in. This dries out the slick feeling on the hold allowing you to get more friction on it. Just remember to brush the chalk on and continue brushing until it is all off, otherwise you will be faced with the same issue as the first example!

Hope this helps in all your future brushing endeavors! Have further questions? Ask Logan next time you see him in the gym!