How does it work?

Limit Bouldering isn’t about sending or completing climbs. It’s about attempting very hard moves for us to give our bodies the necessary stimulus to improve our power.

Pick 3-5 boulders in a circuit just beyond your reach. You will then work 3-5 really hard moves on each boulder and you might not be able to pull any of them and you might not be able to for many weeks. The purpose is to be trying moves that require 100% effort to even get close to completing. You should be trying very hard and falling a lot!

Spend 15-20 minutes on each problem with 2-5 minutes of rest between each attempt.

How does it improve your climbing?

By training Limit Bouldering you will be improving:

  1. Your power on the wall. By executing these short attempts of maximal effort, you stimulate the necessary responses required to develop powerful movement.
  2. Your ability to assess what minor changes need made to technically improve on very hard moves. In your rest time between attempts, figure out why you fell. Was your right foot pushing hard enough? Was your breathing timed well? Did your hips fall out from the wall too soon? Etc.