Interested in being one of our Competition Coaches? Read over the job description below and send an email off to indicating your interest.

Part-Time Competitive Coach Job Description


Climb Iowa Coaches are held to a high standard, as they are the main influence in helping to shape and guide the next generation of Climb Iowa climbers. Individuals who are positive, curious, upbeat, and dedicated to climbing will enjoy and excel at this position. The ideal employee will embody the Climb Iowa Purpose statement; to offer exceptional experiences by letting our passions motivate our actions. Specifically, Climb Iowa Coaches are qualified climbers who are expected to help develop our youth customers, both as individuals and climbers. This is a part time position that operates at both the Grimes and East Village locations and reports to both the Head Competition Coach and the Head Recreational Coach. 


  • Must be available Tuesday/Thursday evenings from 5pm-9pm OR Sundays from 6pm-8:30pm 
  • Must be Belay certified 
  • Must be Lead certified (or willing to become Lead certified) 
  • Must be confident in leadership roles 
  • Must be a positive role model 
  • Preferred: 
  • Have general strength training and basic lifting experience 
  • Have experience working with or coaching children 
  • Have 3+ years of climbing experience 


  • Give full attention to climbers participating in a Climb Iowa Team practice 
  • Adhere to instructions from Head Competition Coach and ask questions when necessary  
  • Enforce all Climb Iowa Competition Team rules and expectations 
  • Assist in leading climbing team practices when the Head Competition Coach is not available 
  • Maintain a well-organized and efficient climbing team practice by: 
  • Starting practice on time 
  • Transitioning through activities on time 
  • Redirecting the focus of the youth team back to climbing 
  • Ending practice on time 
  • Address negative behavior with assertiveness and understanding 
  • Seek assistance from Head Competition Coach when needed 
  • Monitor the floor by checking the following: harnesses, knots, belay skills, rules violations, etc. 
  • Belay or Lead Belay when there are an uneven number of Belay partners 


  • Offer an exceptional experience by creating a positive and welcoming environment for all climbers 
  • Be a stellar resource of climbing knowledge for the youth team 
  • Treat all youth team climbers fairly and with respect 
  • Follow all employee and gym rules while in the facility, whether working or not 
  • Maintain professional conduct 
  • Be communicative with the Head Competition Coach and Head Recreational Coach regarding availability and scheduling 
  • Possess an eagerness to expand your climbing expertise with the goal of becoming a more knowledgeable coach 
  • Adhere to the Climb Iowa Coaches Code of Conduct 
  • Adhere to the Child Protection Training 
  • Put the wellbeing of the youth first