How it works?

A Projecting Circuit is a climbing session or workout made up of 1-5 boulders you are working on completing. These boulders should be within reach, where you can successfully pull 3 or more of the moves on it (do not need to be in succession).

Go around and work on making progress or completing your boulder(s). After each quality attempt, rest 2-5 minutes to ensure you are fully rested before trying again. If you are projecting more than 1 climb that day, work on 1 climb until you are ready to move on to the next.

How does it improve your climbing?

Projecting does 2 main things:

  1. Puts you on moves that are hard for you and will work your max strength. Overtime, this will improve the difficulty of moves you can pull
  2. Teaches you new movement and technique that is novel to you. This will improve your technical ability as a climber by teaching you to recognize certain moves or beta sooner as well as teach you to execute those moves better.