How it works?

A Sum Circuit is a session type or workout that involves adding up the sum of the climbs you completed for a total sum of points. Each color circuit is worth a different point value:

  • White: 1 Point
  • Teal: 2 Points
  • Navy: 3 Points
  • Red: 4 Points
  • Orange: 5 Points

Take 30 minutes and see how many you can get in this period of time. You can have 2 main objectives with this session:

  1. Get the highest sum of points you can
  2. While still climbing as much as you can, try and get a high score while also having as high of an average as well

You can do this Sum Circuit once or twice a week, keeping the duration of time the same each time. The goal each time is to either increase your sum or average. If you begin to plateau on your main goal of either sum or average, try focusing on increasing the other instead. This will help prevent plateauing.

How does it improve your climbing?

By doing this Sum Circuit once or twice a week, with the aim of always increasing your sum or average, you will be training 2 things:

  1. If training sum, you will be increasing your endurance. If training average, you will be training power-endurance.
  2. Most climbers do not pull enough moves each week to get stronger or more skilled from a technical standpoint. This session gets you on many moves, which will help train your motor skills to be able to execute moves better in the future.