If a climber wants to pursue climbing in a group setting with other youth climbers after finishing their time in our Approach Team program, they will be shown to the Summit Team! As our largest team, Summit Team facilitates an engaging environment for climbers to find community and learn. It is a supported space to grow at your own pace while building your foundation of climbing.

Practice Schedule

Summit Team (ages 5-12)

Monday Tuesday Thursday
4pm-5pm* 4pm-5pm* 4pm-5pm*
5pm-6pm* 5pm-6pm* 5pm-6pm*
6pm-7pm* 6pm-7pm*  6pm-7pm*

*Availability varies depending on class sizes.

Summit Team (ages 13-18)

Monday Tuesday Thursday
7pm-9pm* 7pm-9pm* 7pm-9pm*

*Availability varies depending on class sizes.


Team climbers are responsible for team dues. A Climb Iowa membership is optional. The pricing per team is listed below

Member Non-Member
One Night $90 $135
Two Night $140 $185
Three Night $180 $225






How to Signup

  1. Completed a month of our Approach Team program OR been on the Summit Team (previously called Rec Team) before
  2. Decide on which practice times would work for you
  3. Reach out to our Director of Youth Programing to signup