Climb Iowa is a small, locally owned business that was built by you, our community. We completely understand if you would like to freeze or even cancel your membership at this time.

Climb Iowa is committed to doing all we can to continue to support our employees who rely on us for their livelihood.  As the days of closing add up, this will become more and more difficult to do.

If you choose, and are able, we would greatly appreciate you continuing your membership during this time as it will help us continue to pay these individuals who need us during this hardship.

We truly hope you have enjoyed the experience we have provided for you at Climb Iowa.  We will get through this and our community will be reunited.


Here are some suggestions from Climb Iowa to assist us during this hardship:

Buy a Gift Card: Why not? We will be back!

Buy a Punch Card:  We can’t wait to see you when we reopen!

Buy a Membership: Can be started 30 days in the future, so why not buy it now!

Billed Members

REQUIRED FORM: MUST BE FILLED OUT BY ALL EFT MEMBERS  UPDATED AS OF MARCH 27TH – Please fill this form out to see membership change options in regards to our temporary closure and so we can implement those changes over the next week.

Prepaid Members

All Prepaid Members will have membership extended equal to the duration of closure.