Join us on the lawn for a beginner-friendly yoga class on Saturday September 19th morning at 9am in the East Village!

Our instructor, Halen, will be hosting a flow-based yoga with some restorative postures targeted towards relieving tension in your neck and shoulders. This is perfect for helping with technology and mask-based soreness.  

  • Members:
    • If you would also like to climb, please book a separate climbing session. The price for yoga is $5.
  • Non-members:
    • If you would only like to participate in the yoga session, please book as a non-member. The price is $10.
      If you would also like to climb, please select the Climbers option for this booking. The price is $18. After you pay $18 through this yoga booking, we will email you a code to book a climbing session. Once the code is received, please book a day pass session for your desired climb time.
  • Masks:
    • While we encourage masks at all times, we are implementing a mask to mat policy. This policy means that we would like you to wear your mask until you are set-up. Once you are on your mat and ready to go, feel free to remove your mask.
  • Yoga props:
    • We ask that if you would like to use extra yoga props, outside of a yoga mat, that you bring your own. Thank you!

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